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Pirates: In Search for Libertatia.


Throughout this year, I have been writing and making preparatory sketches for a pirate themed publication. I am not yet sure what incarnation it will definitely take.

The working title is ‘In Search for Libertatia.’

In January, I was in a near complete creative rut-only kept alive by my daily sketchbook diary. (A New Year’s resolution for 2016.) I stumbled across a documentary on pirates, presented by the historian Doctor Sam Willis. His enthusiasm, reawakened my childhood love of pirates and his knowledge of the subject made me curious to know more about the reality of pirates, compared to the fiction.

Whenever I find myself heading towards drying up creatively, I always write a more, or draw a more on pirate related themes.

So Thanks-Dr. Sam Willis!



#FolkloreThursday. The Snake’s Treasure. A recently rediscovered German folk tale/fairytale/wonder tale/wundermarchen.


‘And now I will continue to suffer. Seeds will be sown in the forest, then a tree will grow, and someone will saw boards from the timber and make a crib from it. The child who sleeps in that crib will be able to lift the curse from me.’

The Dragon on the Door.


This paint is still drying as I type this.

One of my future projects is dragon related. This is the start of it.

I’m trying out a new and bolder approach, using a brush given to me by the Artist and Illustrator Poshfruit.


From the archives: the lost drawing-circa 2010.


I was looking through some of my books yesterday, and this forgotten drawing from around 2010 fell out of one of the pages!


Don’t go through the red door.


Today marks the first day of revisiting the ‘Diagrams of Misconception’ project, which ran from June 2012-October 2015, which involved alot of research into mental health and medical history. I have started adding details to an existing drawing from that series.

Various circumstances meant that the project got shelved, yet speaking to the Brighton based Artist Freddie Denton has prompted me to revisit the back catalogue of work, as well as the sketchbooks, and other research.

#FolkloreThursday. The Enchanted Quill.


This year, I’ve been gradually reading my way through a collection of recently rediscovered German fairytales which have been made available for the first time in English. They were originally collected by Franz Xaver Von Schonwerth a contemporary of the brothers Grimm. However, these Schonwerth tales are brutal, unexpected and closer to the fairytale tradition than the usual  19th century anaesthetised fare. There are damsels in distress, however-male characters are also the ones often in distress. The similarities and differences to the expected conventions of the fairytale are fascinating.

Since beginning to read these around February-my sketchbooks have really changed and I’ve often responded visually to these tales, directly and indirectly.

The above is an image of the mysterious and aristocratic crow in the tale of The Enchanted Quill.

Here’s the article which first made me aware of Von Schonwerth:



#freeartfriday #dewsbury #pokemon #pokemongo #yorkshire


This week’s Dewsbury Free Art Friday theme is Pokemon Go. Here is my response.

I decided to hide a printout of the drawing in the shelves of Dewsbury library.

See if you can find it! Check the library opening and closing hours beforehand.



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