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#FolkloreThursday. Tom Hickathrift: Norfolk Hero.


I am a little obsessed by my Norfolk side (paternal.) and #FolkloreThursday has been a chance to indulge my interest in that. I’d been told a few times by my Sheringham Grandpop (George.) about Black Shuck-the spectral dog with eyes like saucers but I’d never heard of Tom Hickathrift.

I’ve drawn everybody’s favourite Norfolk hero (after my Grandpop) as he is about to do battle with a giant, using his super strength to wield a cart axle and cart wheel as weapons.

Depending on my mood, I may just draw an image or two of Tom Hickathrift (Norfolk hero.) every week.




#freeartfriday #dewsbury #yorkshire #westyorkshire




#freeartfriday. This was set up in Dewsbury recently by the young Yorkshire Artist Harriet Lawson.

#FolkloreThursday. The Brook Horse/Bäckahäst


Say hello to the Brook Horse, or the Bäckahäst-everybody’s favourite water spirit. There are variants mainly in Germany, Scandinavia and England.

#FolkloreThursday. ‘You’ve gotta stand up for the red rose of Lancashire!’

Scan 1

The Egyptians considered it the most sacred of flowers.

Floriography was perfected by the Victorians.

In Baghdad, the Sultan demanded 30,000 jars of rose water.

Diana turned Rhodanthe into a rose, out of jealousy.

My mum’s maiden name is Lancaster. She’s from Manchester.

On my mum’s side of the family-they’re all from Lancashire.

The symbol of Lancashire is the red rose.

‘You’ve gotta stand up for the red rose of Lancashire!’

‘If not to Heaven-then hand in hand to Hell!’



A wizard for #FolkloreThursday.


At the moment I am reading about wizards and cunning men. We have lots of those

in Yorkshire and Lancashire. They are mostly friends with the Wise Woman of Worksop.


The Slaying of the Sockburn Worm/ #FolkloreThursday.


Here’s my pennyworth for #FolkloreThursday, my favourite twitter hashtag. It is a depiction of Sir John Conyers, of County Durham doing the job of slaying the Sockburn Worm, also of County Durham.

This tale was supposed to inspire Lewis Carroll to write Jabberwocky:

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

Here’s a little more information on the Sockburn Worm:


May the 4th be with you/Lancashire Darth Vader.


‘Would you like a brew? (Said Lancashire Darth Vader.)

He offers this cup of tea, as it is May the 4th, which is a day on which to celebrate Star Wars and drink lots of tea. Thankyou for your generous offer-Lancashire Darth Vader-yes

I would like a brew, thank you very much.

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